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Reveal fresh, youthful skin with the all-natural, revitalizing benefits of pure rose oil. Rosense’s skincare and beauty products are enriched with rose extract, vitamins and proteins to help protect and moisturize skin. With an all-natural line of organic skincare, cosmetics and fragrance; Rosense is sure to offer a product that’s right for you. From anti-aging to suncare, we provide a wide range of skincare and cosmetics to awaken your senses while revitalizing your skin. Rosense is currently sold in Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, and Japan. As one of the premier beauty and skincare brands in Turkey, Rosense provides a taste of the exotic right to your door.

Inspired by the rose, Rosense is fast gaining popularity aorund the world as the trend towards natural product lines lead people to seek out the brands that carry them. Roses have been utilized in medicine for hundreds of years due to their therapeutic benefits. The rose holds a significant place in history as an indispensible item for noblewomen of ancient Rome who paid attention to skin and body care. Natural rose oil has been used for centuries to fight the signs of aging, diminish redness, tighten pores, and prevent oiliness. It can also be used to: treat acne, soothe sunburns, alleviate asthma, and cure headaches. Only a few drops are needed to begin to enjoy the full benefits of our natural rose oil.

Founded in 2005, Rosense is the only producer and retailer of beauty and cosmetic products sourced purely from the rose flower. As the world’s premier supplier of rose oil, and rose oil solid, Rosense’s parent company, Gulbirlik is positioned as the leading rose-based perfume and cosmetics brand in the world.



Ashley Marie Howard

Ashley is the "Go-To Girl" of Teasels Drugstore. She is skilled in assisting in pharmaceuticals as well as in our Post Office Department. Ashley also works as the Executive Secretary for Rosense Canada. Ashley will be the new face of Rosense Canada for our 2010 advertising campaign.

Ashley is enrolled in the Business program at Seneca College. She has done several modelling shoots, and has been involved in various local theatre productions. Ashley has consistently contributed to the organization and communication at Zaillan Corporation.

John Hakan Erten

John has been President of Zaillan Corporation for the past 2 years, and has taken Teasels Drugstore from specializing in pharmaceuticals to expanding into cosmetics and postal services. John’s international ventures include importing fine jewellery and textiles from Turkey.

With a degree in Finance from the United States, John has worked as a consultant and project manager. John also has experience in the United States and Turkey in feasibility reporting. He is not only at Teasels full time, but runs Ertenco Company part time – consulting with clients internationally. His vision for Zaillan Corporation includes professionalism, excellence, and small business with large-scale prospects.

Faraneh Akhtari

Faraneh has been with Teasels Drugstore for seven years. She has completed her B.Sc in Pharmacy at the University of Hacettepe, Ankara, Turkey. Faraneh has been licensed with The Ontario College of Pharmacists since 1992, and has taken many health related courses to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing pharmaceutical industry in Canada. She also obtained her post graduate diploma in community pharmacy from Queen's University Belfast Ireland, in 2003. Faraneh and John are both excited about the opportunities of growth for Zaillan Corporation. Remember to keep and eye out for her face as a representative of Rosense Canada’s skincare and cosmetics.

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